Android and IOS application for tracking the owner for free and without root with "Integromat"

Published May 21, 2020 • 1 min read

We follow the link and register on the service

After confirming email you can see a dashboard

Let's create a new script and select the products we need "Android" and "Telegram"

Choose Android here

Here we need the function of determining the output from the selected location (it does not use a lot of battery and is not visible to the user in any way if it does not enter the application)

Click the Add button and install the client application that will check the coordinates and send them to us.

Run using code

Run using code

Run using code

Click scan

configure locations

Choose the locations on the map that will work as triggers for this, click "Manage Areas"

Last option have to be active

Last option have to be active

After you chose all the necessary locations, hide the application with standard functional

Here choosing a telegram service

and here is the first point of sending messages

For getting the token, you need to find BotFather in telegram, create a bot and get the token

Do not forget to start a dialogue with the bot

Enter the token

We indicate your id in the telegram, it can be found using special bots and set up with a message

run for once for checking and then run the Scheduler

After changing the location of the phone we receive the message

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